GSA Political Action Committee

GSA-PAC is the political arm of the Georgia Society of Anesthesiologists. The PAC is registered with the Georgia Government Transparency & Campaign Finance Committee as "The Committee for Responsible Health Care Policy" which accurately describes the primary talking point GSA members use when discussing patient safety.

GSA-PAC is a state level PAC which means that all contributions by GSA members to the GSA-PAC are used to support campaigns for elective office at the state level in Georgia. GSA members who wish to support federal candidates contribute to the ASA-PAC.

As ASA PAC focuses on elections involving the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate, GSA PAC is devoted to the participation of Anesthesiology in Georgia's election campaigns for the State House of Representatives, the State Senate, and the state's executive offices such as Governor, Lt. Governor and Commissioner of Insurance.

The GSA-PAC allows each GSA member to influence political decisions regarding the regulatory and legal environment in which the member practices. The PAC enables Georgia Anesthesiologists to act as one when supporting candidates that support Anesthesiology and patient safety, as well as in opposing those candidates that do not value sound patient safety policy!

Anesthesiologists give to GSA PAC because they know the challenges the profession faces:

  • Attacks on physician-led anesthesia,
  • Poor reimbursement policies and practices by third-party payers,
  • Under-funded Medicaid payments for anesthesia services,
  • Attempts by non-physicians to expand scope of practice, and
  • A burdensome regulatory and legal environment.

They understand that political involvement is critical to meeting the challenges. They know GSA-PAC is an effective political voice for the profession and that with the PAC's support, GSA can win on issues that impact your patients' access to the highest quality care.

For more information about GSA Government Affairs, GSA-PAC or public policy please e-mail Jet Toney, Executive Secretary & lead lobbyist at [email protected].


Government Affairs Committee

  • Amanda Brown, MD, Chair
  • Michele Sumler, MD
  • Justin Scott, MD
  • Justin Ford, MD
  • Rick Hawkins, MD
  • Steve Walsh, MD
  • Steve Sween, MD
  • Tom West, MD
  • Bob Lane, MD
  • Jim Cooke, MD
  • Jennifer Scaljon, MD
  • William Buntin, CAA
  • Miller Ross, CAA
  • Julius Hamilton, MD
  • Ellen Cho, MD
  • Jenn Stever, CAA
  • Heather Dozier, MD

Government Affairs Resources

  • To find your State and Federal Representatives/Senators
    click here
  • To visit the Georgia General Assembly homepage please
    click here

2021 GSA-PAC Donors (November 1, 2020 - August 17, 2021)

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