Poster Information

Abstraction Submission Guidelines:  

Abstracts may be no more than 4000 characters (including any figures or tables) and must be submitted as a word document. Up to three figures or tables may be included. Each figure or table will be counted as 300 characters; accepted format includes embedding figures as a pdf/jpeg in the word document or submitting the figures as a power point presentation. Any financial support or conflicts of interest must be disclosed.


APPLICATION - All those who wish to present a poster at the GSA Summer Meeting must submit an abstract submission application detailing their project. All material must be the work of authors listed and appropriately referenced. Applicants must fill out all required submissions fields, which include the following: 

  1. Poster Category (see below) 
  2. Title 
  3. Author List 
  4. Learning Objectives:
    At least three objectives are required; up to five may be entered
  5. Research description or case description and summary.

POSTER CATEGORIES - Select one of the following three main presentation categories that is relevant to the abstract submission:

Original Scientific Research (Including Literature Review) - Report of study findings that has not been previously published. Students may submit research from basic clinical science in areas such as drug disposition, anesthesia equipment, monitoring and engineering technology, information and database research, patient safety and practice management, regional anesthesia and acute pain. For the Literature Review - A comprehensive review of current research on a relevant clinical topic in the field of anesthesiology. The review presentation must include an introduction on the topic, a summary of the results, and the conclusions of the studies. In addition, the poster should evaluate the articles’ components including methods, statistical analysis and the application of such knowledge in clinical anesthesia practice. All articles and evidence should be appropriately referenced. 

Medically Challenging Cases – Report and discuss the management of a challenging case, provide an opportunity to share experiences, examine why decisions were made, and review the lessons from difficult situations.


Once abstracts are received, the GSA Program and Education Committee will score and evaluate each of the submissions. The top 3 submissions will be chosen for presentation (approximately 10 minutes) during the GSA Summer Meeting.

For more information, contact Korrin Scott, MD, GSA Program and Education Chair, at [email protected].