The Value of Membership 

  • Access to top quality continuing medical and professional education opportunities with other anesthesiologists
  • Resource center for answers on critical practice management issues such as reimbursement, scope of practice, government regulations and health care policy
  • Supports bold advocacy of patient safety and access to health care
  • Fortifies (through numbers and dollars) the profession's position with regard to influencing public policy decisions
  • Encourages idea sharing and interacting with those sympathetic to your challenges
  • Empowers participation in the issues and events that shape the medical industry and voices your position through GSA's government affairs program
  • Provides important forums for maintaining contact with professionals in anesthesia and peripheral industries thorugh on-going conferences and workshops
  • Encourages networking with peers from across the state and nation 

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 Physician Membership Application

Complete the online membership application

  • Active Members - Annual Fee: $375 (pro-rated fees listed at checkout)
  • Affiliate Members - Annual Fee: $100
  • Resident Members - $50 (one time fee)

AA Joint Membership Application to GSA/GAAA

After completing the below application, AAs earn membership to two organizations: the Georgia Society of Anesthesiologists and the Georgia Academy of Anesthesiologist Assistants.  For more information on the joint membership program, please click here.

Complete the online application or mail the printable application alt with dues check made payable to "GSA"

  • Annual Fee: $150
  • AA student membership - $75 (one time fee)

Send completed paperwork to:

Georgia Society of Anesthesiologists, Inc.
ATTN: Stephanie Bowen
1231 Collier Rd., NW
Suite J.
Atlanta, GA 30318
Phone: 404-249-9178

For more information on membership, e-mail [email protected]. Include in the e-mail your full name, address and phone number. Thank you in advance for your interest in GSA and we look forward to your application.